Usher Board

Mission Statement

Usher Board duties includes making people feel welcome, assisting with people management, assisting with seating, offerings, and maintaining a safe environment.

The St. Ashworth Temple COGIC ushers are our doorkeepers!  The Usher Board Ministry is responsible for maintaining a warm and safe environment during services at St. Ashworth Temple COGIC.  Our Ushers are tasked with the extraordinary opportunity of being an extension of the Pastor.  In that capacity, the Usher Board Ministry is instrumental in providing direction and guidance in the pews and play a pivotal role in keeping order and creating a spirit of worship, reverence, and friendliness, in and about the church. Our Usher Board Ministry wants to ensure that everyone who steps into St. Ashworth Temple COGIC has a blessed and edifying experience from the moment they are escorted to their seat to the time they rise for the benediction.